L.T. Cable joints/ Cable Jointings/Pilot Cable Joints

Pilot Cable Joints



Cable Specification:

  1. Conductors:
    Copper & Aluminium Conductors.

  2. Insulation & Aluminium & Sheathing:
    PVC Insulated, XLPE Insulated, Paper Insulated, PVC Sheathed Armoured or Unarmoured cables.

Cable Joint Kit Contents:

The kit contents encloses the following items:

  1. Adequate number of Preinsulated Compression Ferrules
  2. Cable Joint Outer Shell(Top + Bottom + Cap)
  3. Armour Bonding System in case of Armoured Cables(Earth Continuity).
  4. Screen connector Assembly.
  5. Water Sealent Strip.

S.No Cores Size(Sqmm) No. of Cores
 1  16-Core Pilot Cable Joint 16
 2  34-Core Pilot Cable Joint 34

*Other sizes can be prepared as per the requirements of the customers