L.T. Cable joints/ Cable Jointings/Double Branch/Service Joints

Double Branch/Service Joints


Cable Specifications:

  1. Conductors:
    Copper & Aluminium Conductors

  2. Insulation Sheathing:
    PVC Insulated, XLPE Insulated, Paper Insulated,
    PVC Sheathed Armoured or Unarmoured cables.

  3. Voltage range:
    Upto 1000 V a.c & 1500 V d.c.

Cable Joint Kit Contents:

The kit contents encloses the following items:

  1. Adequate number of Mechanical Connectors.
  2. Cable Joint Outer Shell(Top + Bottom + Cap)
  3. Armour Bonding System in case of Armoured Cables(Earth Continuity).
  4. Adequate number of Brass Gauzes incase of Copper Conductors.
  5. Water Sealent Strip in case of PILC Cables.

S.No Cores Size(Sqmm) No. of Cores
 1  Double Branch Joint 500/2x9     1-4
 2  Double Branch Joint 300/2x95    1-4
3 Double Branch Joint 300/2x300  1-4
 4  Double Branch Joint 185/2x185  1-4

*Other sizes can be prepared as per the requirements of the customers