L.T. Cable Joints



Gulf Cable and Electrical Industries Company K.S.C. (Gulf Cable) is the only domestic manufacturer and exporter of power cables, control

cables, telecommunication cables and overhead conductors in Kuwait. We were established in March 1975 and have been listed on the

Kuwait Stock Exchange since 1984. Our manufacturing operations commenced in 1979.


We embarked upon a massive restoration of our plant & it's facilities during the early 90's when state-of-the-art machinery and testing

equipment were acquired. Thereafter, new machines are recurrently being introduced to enhance our production capacity and product

range. The new machines and equipment have numerous built-in functions and features assuring precision and consistency of the highest



On a regular basis, we develop new products and enhance our existing ones. At Gulf Cable we pay utmost attention to product quality, and

to ensure this, we have adapted a comprehensive Quality Assurance System that complies with international standards.


Quality has always been our top priority and meeting customer's expectations has been our prime objective. The very basis on which we

have earned the confidence of our clientele.


At Gulf Cable we follow stringent quality standards which go beyond stipulatations of international specifications, rendering long term

performance and reliability to our products during their service life.


At Gulf Cable we always aim for the best. When most of the cable manufacturers in the region settled for ISO: 9002, we stand out with ISO

9001, which recognizes our ability for Design and Development as well. We are also acknowledged by the Kuwait Quality Mark issued by the

Ministry of Commerce and Industries.