Measure of Flammability:

Oxygen Index : Oxygen Index is the minimum concentration of Oxygen expressed as volume % in a mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen that will just support flaming combustion of a material at room temperature. Any material which ignites in normal atmosphere have Oxygen index less than or equal to 21, volume pe cent of Oxygen in atmosphere. A material which can not be ignited in normal atmospheric conditions, can still support combustion if concentration of Oxygen is more than 21.

Temperature Index : Oxygen index of a material tends to decrease with increase in temperature. It is, therefore possible to extrapolate the temperature where Oxygen index of the same will be reduced to 21. The material will then burn at such temperature under normal concentration of Oxygen in atmosphere. This particular temperature is referred as "Temperature index" of the material.

Gulf Cable's Halogen free cables have oxygen index of the order of 30% and Temperature index of the order of 250 °C. This signifies that Jacket material is not ignitable under normal atmospheric conditions and even it catches fire, the flame can not propagate and would be self extinguishable.

Measure of Smoke Emission :

 Smoke emission during fire on cables obscure visibility and causes hindrance to easy access for fire fighting to critical area as also enabling people caught into fire move out to safe place. Smoke density rating of a material provides index of the total smoke generation within test chamber after combustion of the sample.

Gulf Cable's Halogen free cables have minimum light transmission of the order of 70%.

Measure of Acid / Toxic gas emission :

 Conventionally, halogenated polymers have been used in Jacketing materials. Halogens eventually get converted into acid gas on decomposition of polymers under fire. Moreover, presence of Nitrogen and Sulpher in the compound also evolves toxic gases like carbon monoxide, hydrogen cynide, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen sulphide and sulpher dioxide.

Gulf Cable's Halogen free cables emit Acid Gases of the order of < 0.5%

Measure of Propagation of fire on cables : 

It is of paramount importance that cables should not propagate fire. The property is verified on Single Vertical Cable / Bunched Vertical Cables

After burning of test sample has ceased, charred portion should not have spread beyond a specified height from bottom edge of the burner. 

Gulf Cable's Halogen free cables have excellent results.

Most importantly, Gulf Cable's Halogen free cables have above added characteristics, without impairing the excellent electrical / physical parameters.

 Note : The above values are typical values. For specific requirements, please contact us. For cables meeting requirements of IEC:60332 (part 3) Cat-A, please contact us.