Introduction : Fire Resistant Cable:

Fire safety is one of the top priorities in today’s building infrastructure safety. A fre once spread out of control, can quickly cause extensive damage to the property and ultimately to human lives. Ideally, all measures should be in place to ensure that a fre never occurs, but in the event that a fre has been ignited, every precaution should already be in place to ensure that it is contained quickly.

 In all disasters, fre smoke, heat and toxic fumes are the main obstacles to safe evacuation of a building or area. This is where Gulf Cables Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant Cables come into play. These cables provides the following features:


  • Fire resistant 
  • Long-term circuit integrity in a fire 
  • Low smoke and toxic gas emissions 
  • Flame retardant properties 
  • Zero halogen gases 
  • Ease and low cost of installation 


Fire Resistant cables are used, where required by local fre codes, in the wiring of:


  • Fire Resistant safety circuits 
  • Public address and emergency voice communication system in high –rise building 
  • Control and instrumentation services in industrial, commercial and residential complexes 
  • High-temperature installation conditions


Gulf Cable Fire Resistant have been developed to maintain circuit integrity in a fre and to ensure safe evacuation of personnel with no effects like toxic gases or smoke. 

Fire Resistant cables are categorized by a letter symbol, or series of symbols, according to the fre resistant characteristics they are required to meet, the test temperature selected and the duration of the test.

BS 7846 - Category F2- Resistance to fre at 950°C for 3 hours, resistance to fre with water, resistance to fre with mechanical shock.

As per latest BS 6387 – specifcation, categorization of cable as follows:.

Cable passing all the above three protocols are designated as ‘Category CWZ