In order to obviate steel oxidation (rusting) owing to weather, a coating of non-oxidizing grease is normally applied to steel cores. One or more layers of aluminium wires can, if required, be supplied partially or fully greased.

Conductor used in low voltage networks are all aluminium conductors (AAC).

The bare aluminium and ACSR conductors listed vide cataloge Bare conductors are suitable for installation in all practical spans on transmission towers, ranging from long distance EHV transmission lines to sub-service spans at distribution or utilization voltages.

The choice of conductor size, type and strength should take into account factors such as electrical load, voltage regulation, corona losses, ice and wind loading, extreme temperatures and vibration. In case any assistance is needed for evaluation of these factors as they apply to specific installations, please do not hesitate to contact our marketing division.

Hard drawn Bare Copper conductors (HDBC), PVC covered hard drawn copper conductors (HDBC/PVC) are used for special applications.

Soft Drawn Bare Copper conductors (SDBC) are used for earthing purposes.