Stacking of drums should be avoided.
* Fasten the drums firmly
During transportation, the drum shall be fastened to the base through the centre hole or across the flanges with wires or ropes. To prevent movement of drums, a combination of wedges and transportation support should be used and tied down front and rear.
* Don't drop drums
The drums must not be dropped from the vehicle. The drum is to be lifted either by winch or fork-lift.
When neither of this is available, a makeshift ramp with approximate inclination of 1:4 should be constructed. The cable drum should then be rolled over this ramp by means of ropes and winches. Additionally, a sand bed at the foot of the ramp may be made to brake the rolling of cable drum. Make sure when unloading, the drum doesn't strike another drum.
* Storage for longer periods
The site chosen for storage of cable drums must be level and dry. It should have a firm, preferably concreted surface. This will avoid sinking of the drums and difficulty in subsequent shifting.
All drums should be stored in such a manner as to leave sufficient space between them for air circulation.
During storage, the drum should be rolled to an angle of 90o once every three months. Also, tie bolts shall be checked and tightened at regular intervals.
Always turn a cable drum using turn table. Never use crow bar if turn table is not available. Two well greased plates can be used instead. Storage of cable drums under shed is not essential unless the storage is for very long period. However, the cable drums shall be protected from direct sun light by covering them by tarpaulin or thick black polyethylene sheet.

* Rewinding
When for any reason, it is necessary to rewind a cable on to another drum, the barrel of the drum should have a diameter not less than that of the original drum.
It is utmost important while rewinding to avoid dragging of the cable against drum flanges or sharp edges.

Avoid pulling the cable across long unsupported spans. Provide freely rotating roller supports. Do not pull a cable with powered vehicle.