*Handling with fork lift
The forks must be longer than the width of the drum being lifted. Preferably, different widths of drums should be marked on the forks enabling the operator to select the correct position for the given drum size. 

When moving the drum, tilt the truck mast so that the drum remains in the fork and the points don't touch the ground.Raise the forks of the forklift at least 6 to 8 inches above ground. Insufficient clearance may cause the drum to be dragged on the ground and eventually damaged or dropped off the forks, especially if the ground surface is uneven.


Don't release the drum until the truck has stopped completely. Don't push the drum with the truck.


Leave sufficient room between drums so that the fork doesn’t damage the drum.

* Nail with caution
Avoid punching nails into cable drums. If nailing is utmost necessary, make sure that they don't touch the cable.
* Secure the drums firmly
The round shaped cable drum rolls easily. It is in a very unstable state because it's centre section is vacant and the whole weight rests on it's peripheral section. Make sure that each drum is provided with stoppers to prevent from rolling during storage.

It is preferable that large drums should be lifted from the base onto triangular or square wedges. The wedges should be positioned by the flanges or the full width of drum.
* Avoid stacking