6) Core Stranding : (multi core cables)
Required number (2/3/4..... ) of such cores are stranded together to form a cable assembly. If necessary to achieve circularity, fillers are provided in central / peripheral interstices as required.

7) Inner Sheathing:
A common covering is applied over stranded cores as above, by extrusion of PVC Sheath.

8) Lead / Lead Alloy Sheathing:
An extruded sheath of Lead / Lead Alloy is provided so as to render the cable impervious to oils / certain chemicals.

9) Separation Sheath:
Bedding of Extruded PVC sheath is applied over Lead Sheath.

10) Armouring :
Mechanical protection is provided by providing Galvanized Round Steel Wires (SWA). Alternatively, steel tapes may be given (optional)

11) Outer Sheathing:
Over the armour, a PVC outer sheath is extruded. This is normally of black in colour which has best ultraviolet resistance properties. Alternatively, other colours may be given as necessary. Outer sheathing with special properties may also be given as per Customer's requirements.

12) Final Testing:
Routine Tests, Type tests, Acceptance Tests and Optional Tests (if any) are carried out so as to ensure integrity of manufactured cables.

Test certificates are issued as contractually agreed.

13) Packing:
Drums containing cables are packed to obviate possibility of damage during transportation.

14) Dispatch:
Drums duly packed are sent to respective sites as contractually agreed.