Test Facilities at Gulf Cable

Oxygen Index Test Apparatus

To determine the minimum percentage of Oxygen required to just support flamming combustion of a material at Room Temp. in FTA mode or at a Higher Temp.
Conforms to ASTM D 2863 / BS EN ISO 4589-1 & 2

Smoke Density Test Apparatus


For measuring & observing the relative amounts (Density) of Smoke produced by the burning (combustion) or decomposition of plastics, cables etc., under controlled & standardized conditions.


Conforms to ASTM D 2843

3 Meter Cube Smoke Test Apparatus


The 3 Metre Cube is used for measuring smoke emission when electric cables are burned under defined conditions, for example, a few cables burned horizontally. The equipment comprises a cubic enclosure and a photometric system.


Conforms to BS EN/ IEC 61034-1&2

Acid Gas Test Apparatus


To determine the degree of acidity of gases evolved during the combustion of materials taken from electric cables by measuring the pH & conductivity.


Conforms to BS EN 50267-1 & 2 / IEC 60754-1&2

Flammability Test Apparatus


To  determine   the   resistance   to   vertical     flame


propagation for a single vertical insulated conductor or cable


Conforms to : IEC 60332 part 1

Flammability Test Apparatus


Test for assessment of vertical flame spread of vertically mounted bunched cable or wires The Test Apparatus comprises of a 4m x 2m x 1m Chamber duly insulated. The Equipment is provided with a Ribbon Type Burner with Stand & Ladder. The quantum of gas is controlled & measured by means of a Flowmeter provided for air & fuel gas respectively. Conforms to IEC-60332 Part 3'

             Thickness Measurements

                    Fire Resistant Apparatus