Special Precaution During Installation & Storage for longer periods.


Cables with LSF sheath need to be handled with care during Installation. Since Special additives are used in the formulation of LSF

compound  to give the typical flame retardant characteristics of Halogen free polymers (Ex. High Oxygen Index, very Low smoke density, 

no acid gas  liberation and retardance to flame propagation) some mechanical properties deteriorates. The following points shall be noted:

  • Cable shall not be exposed to sunlight for considerable for considerable period before installation i.e., the temperature of sheath

            should be below 40°C


  • Preferably the installation is done when the ambient temperature is low.
  • Wire/Rope should not be used directly on cable sheath for pullying.
  • When pulled on cable trays/or any uneven surface, special attention is needed to weldings/or unusually rough terrains.
  • Rollers and bends should not have any sharpness which may damage sheath.
  • Special LSF compatible accessories and fixings are recommended for installation requiring enhanced fire performance.


The site chosen for storage of cable drums must be level and dry. It should have a firm, preferably concreted surface. This will avoid sinking

of the drums and difficulty in subsequent shifting.


All drums should be stored in such a manner as to leave sufficient space between them for air circulation.

During storage, the drum should be rolled to an angle of 90° once every three months. Also, tie bolts shall be checked and tightened at

regular intervals.


Always turn a cable drum using turn table. Never use crow bar if turn table is not available.

Two well greased plates can be used instead.


Storage of cable drums under shed is not essential unless the storage is for very long period.

However, the cable drums shall be protected from direct sun light by covering them by tarpaulin or thick black polyethylene sheet.